watermelon mojito

I love watermelon cocktails, and who doesn’t like mojito….. That’s why this one is my dreams come true in hot days.
And the best part is… there is  no sugar added! Watermelon gives natural sweetness to the cocktail,  which makes it not only healthier but also gives interesting, new flavor to the classic mojito.  So here I’m presenting my ”fit mojito”. It’s super tasty and refreshing! Of course most healthy will be in VIRGIN VERSION !!!  🙂


2 cocktails:
500g of watermelon
3 limes
4 sprigs mint
*100ml of white rum
ice cubes
about 100ml of sparkling water

*party version of cocktail :p

  1. Two sprigs of mint and watermelon pulp add to high the vessel,  blend using a mixer to the dough grating. Mix together all the pieces to create a pulp.
  2. Pour the pulp through the strainer, helping to rub the mash with the spoon.
  3. Squeeze lime juice, leave three slices of lime for decorate.
  4. Add juice from lime and rum to watermelon juice.
  5. High glasses fill with the ice cubes, to every glass put spring of mint.
  6. Fill glasses with water. Every cocktail decorate with slice of lime.



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