sezon na karczocha

La Sagra del Carciofo di Montelupone

Artichokes have been a well-known delicacy already in ancient Rome and Greece, nowadays still cultivated in countries with warm climate, also in Italy.
Last weekend I had the chance to taste a special artichoke variety in the picturesque town of Montelupone. Because the vegetable is a symbol of the city, special attention is given to it. On 10th and 11th May, we were able to take part in an artisanal festival (la Sagra del Carciofo di Montelupone) which takes place every year. To be honest, I was not prepared for this visit and I havn’t my camera with my, that9s why poor quality pictures.
Unfortunately, the vegetarian menu was limited, considedonly two meatless items: artichokes Jewish style (Carciofi alla giudia) and fried artichokes (Carciofi fritti). In spite of all, it was profitable to stand in the long line for these two delicacies.
There were about ten items of artichoke dishes in the menu. There were, of course, pasta with artichokes, unfortunately, to my disappointment – pasta artichokes in addition, was served with meat. The average price of the dish was about 5 euros. Of course, could not miss the wine, the price of 2 euros per 400 ml – you have to treat yourselfe with that in Italy!

DSC_1605  DSC_1604DSC_1606

Apart from the wonderfull taste, artichokes contain many valuable health ingredients. Vegetable contains inulin – which regulates blood sugar levels. Artichoke medicinal products are used in the treatment and prophylaxis of high cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Vegetable is also recommended for patients with liver disease.
In cosmetic artichoke is an additive for skin cleansing lotions, tonics, lotions, creams and cosmetic masks.
If it comes to your head I make a mistake, to prepare artichokes, and before that did not – I recommend to watch the video that shows how to deal with a vegetable how to peel and clean the artichoke.

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